South Johnston High School & BDSI Collaboration Project

Wood pallet Boxes with pallet bases


BDSI generates a lot of scrap wood that falls off of wood pallets. In order to pursue our goal of being a green company, we are transporting that wood to be ground into mulch. Wood boxes will be used for scrap wood that will be sent to Kamlar Wood Grinding in Rocky Mount NC. Kamlar has requested that deliveries be in a wooden box for optimal integration into their system. The boxes will help BDSI keep wood scrap out of local Land Fill. It is a green solution that will also allow the mulch from the pallets to have a second life in gardens and yards. Thanks to Mr. Jack Littleton - Carpentry Teacher and his classes at South Johnston High School, we were able to do a collaborative project to build the boxes and solve the problem.

South Johnston High School South Johnston High School & BDSI Collaboration Project