BDSI Recycling 101

The following are the main types of recycled products that we deal with at BDSI

Aluminum - This is a normal painted aluminum container that we crush and send to a larger facility for processing.

Aluminum Wrapped - This is a container that has a plastic wrap instead of paint. It is used by companies for smaller product runs to keep expenses down. It is harder to process and less desirable as a recycled product due to the plastic contaminating the aluminum when crushed. We do crush these and send to a larger Facility.

Steel - Good to recycle. The price is low compared to aluminum but the weight is high. We also donate steel bottle caps to various artists - see the artists bios on this web site.

Shred - These products that may have recyclable materiel that can be reclaimed by shredding the material and separating contaminants.

Glass - Glass is recyclable but difficult to work with because of weight and transportation issues. We currently hand process all glass and separate it by color.

Pet 1 - Most common plastic used for drink containers and easy to recycle

Pet 2 - New style Caps for Cans, Some storage containers and some drink containers.

Pet 5 - Hard plastic rings and some commercial drink cups from various fast food companies.

Soft Plastic - This is a generic term that we have for plastic that wraps products. Example: The plastic that wraps a case of bottled water. We bale this materiel and it gets processed by a larger recycling facility.

Film Wrap - This is the stretch film that is used to wrap pallets of product so they can be transported without falling off the pallet. We bale this materiel and it gets processed by a larger recycling facility.

Cardboard - All of the cardboard that comes into our facility is baled and sent to a larger recycling facility.

Wood - Wood from pallets is gathered and can be processed for yard mulch at a local facility or donated for various projects.

Styrofoam - We have a local college that recycles these products.

Liquids - We partner with Johnston County Waste Water to pre-treat all liquids to their specifications.