What is it about bottle caps that makes
them so intriguing to the eye?

For Angie Mellor, patterns, shapes, colors, textures have always been intriguing. Born an artist, Angie jokes that seeing the beauty in everyday materials as a blank canvas is her super power.

Angie and her family have always been exposed to flea markets, thrift stores and the early Saturday morning yard sales, but it wasn’t until she was cleaning out her garage one day that she began envisioning new, second lives for the items she’d collected over the years. Vinyl records soon became photo frames. CDs became clocks… Creating became easy, and after sharing some of her newly repurposed pieces with family, the orders started coming in. The whole family got involved when Angie acquired a business license and started selling her pieces at a local farmers market known as Soda City Market.

Today, limeGreen is ever-evolving; repurposing more and more waste; creating unique, sustainable artwork and gifts for customers world-wide. With focus on sustainability, limeGreen’s materials are everyday items that have lost their usefulness and were otherwise destined for landfills. limeGreen is where repurposed fleece becomes doggie tug toys, bottle caps and aluminum cans become a turtle, bird, crab, elephant, palmetto tree, pineapple or even a sunrise, all on cedar fence boards. Outdated electronics become photo frames, notepads, planters… Combining different materials ranging from found objects to e-waste technology, Angie repurposes used outdated materials into beautiful unique artwork to reduce waste.

Angie and the limeGreen family love meeting customers, sharing their vision, and explaining to young people -who only know the save icon- what a floppy disk is/was, but more than anything, Angie loves a challenge and hopes her work will inspire people to recycle more and discard less.

Our vision for each piece is not perfection but uniqueness. Every one is made a little different and with lots of love. Enjoy.


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