BDSI Pallet Shop

These assets can frustrate many managers. Sometimes you have more than you want and sometimes you need more than you have. There is the perfect pallet for the job, and then there are the ones that you have or can afford. The broken pallets stack up and take up space. The rental pallets must be kept track of or must be sent back. We know that this is not your most important priority, but you can’t overlook the pallets that you must have to move products.

BDSI is here to help if we can. When we get products for destruction, we get nearly all of it on pallets. Need 30 x 30 pallets for individual kegs? Need 4-way pallets that you can easily move from any side of the pallet? Need extra long or narrow pallets. We get them all. If we have them and you need them, we can hook you up. Just give us a call, and we will do our best to help you reduce your pallet issues.


Do you use pallet wood for projects?

Pallet wood is one of the new “in” materials for projects. It is plentiful, and many entrepreneurs are finding new ways to put it to good use. We encourage all of those pallet wood projects and will donate pallet wood to your project if we have it (we usually do).


Be Strong Phrase
Palm Tree Example
Seahorse Example
Pet Bed Project
Pallet Shed Project


Wooden Castle

Shed Before Shed with Complete Roof Shed After