BDSI Pallet Shop

Yes we did… We have just opened our BDSI Pallet Shop.  

We have been saving our broken wooden pallets since we started in Sept of 2016. They were starting to take up a lot of space, but we were determined not to send them to landfill. So, on Feb 15th, we opened our new BDSI Pallet Shop to refurbish broken pallets. We already have some customer interest in sending us broken pallets, and we believe there will be more. This is something that we can offer on an as approved basis (for now) so that we do not get overrun with pallets. 

Here is the way that we envision it working: You have 20 pallets of expired beverages that you want to send us. That leaves plenty of room on a 53-foot truck, so you also send 4 stacks of broken pallets shrink wrapped to stay together (note - no additional cost). We'll keep those pallets out of a landfill for you, and you will clear out and clean up your valuable space.

No money will be exchanged at this point because refurbishing them costs roughly the same as what they are worth refurbished. 

If this is something that you want to take advantage of, please contact Mike Buzard. 

Mike Buzard, BDSI
Contact #  919-209-0902