Soft Plastic, It's a Weight Problem.

Introducing the BDSI Better Baler Project

Soft plastic is blowing and moving all over our planet. It is not that we can’t recycle it. The problem is that we can’t get enough weight on a truck to make it pay for the cost to move it to recycling. So some small businesses send it to landfills and it soon blows out.

Soft Plastic, It's a Weight Problem!!!

What if we had a new inexpensive light baler that took less labor to use. What if that baler had a fairly small footprint and could create small tight bales that would stack on pallets like other commodities?

What if the baler was continuous feed and had no doors to open and close?     What if the baler was specifically designed for light plastic?     What if the baler auto-tied each bale?

At BDSI we are working on the next baler for small business.

This baler will be tailored for smaller operations so that their soft plastic can get out of the landfill and into the mainstream of recycling.

We are currently working with three experts in the industry to design and build a better baler.

Stay tuned folks and soon we will have a working prototype!

You can contact us through our contact page for more information.